Giftwrapping Cats

Apparently there’s a craze going around the internet where idiot humans gift wrap their extremely tolerant cats.

That one seems to be the original. Here’s a copygiftwrapcat. The vid itself keeps going for 4, nearly 5 minutes, but after the last shot of the cat all wrapped up, it’s utter darkness. Perhaps to mirror the cat’s thoughts of revenge?

This guy here is big, fuzzy and probably capable of taking his human out if he so chooses. Do you think he will after this?

This cat wrapping (and mailing) video is marred by the hysterical human videographer.

Some cats? Not so tolerant:

This cat can’t decide if he wants to be wrapped or not. He’s like a wrap teaser. Do you want to wrap me? Okay…but no! Well, maybe. But no!

These two humans don’t even reach the tape stage of their attempt to giftwrap their cat, who wisely escapes:

This is probably the funniest uncooperative cat video, although the cheat that the humans employ near the end may disturb some viewers. Note that the cat defeats the cheat anyway!

And this cat doesn’t even want the human to wrap any gift, much less him. Or maybe he wants the human to wrap him instead?

So, do you think we should let the humans try to wrap US?

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  1. I would never try to gift wrap my kitty. She’d like it too much. Then get mad at me because of the indignity of it all. then escape. Then get mad because she thought she looked pretty gift wrapped, and think maybe it wasn’t so demeaning after all. But by then the pretty paper would be gone and she’d unleash a new torrent of anger upon me, demonstrated by slaps of her huge Maine-Coon tail across my face.

    Better she live without ever wondering how cute she would look with a bow on her head.


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