Gallery: Smackey

Name: Smackey
Location: Unknown

Smackey is a meankitty
I learned the stairs trick at a recent SOHC refresher course!

What makes Smackey so mean?

Smackey is a meankitty because, although she is pretty small, she is tough. When we had guests over on Thanksgiving, we let their dog come in. This dog loves cats, so when she went over to meet the cat, Smackey ran up and attacked the poor dog. The dog (large black lab) walked away with her tail between her legs. Poor thing!

Smackey is really heavy on her feet. When she walks around she sounds like a herd of elephants parading around the house at 3 AM. And if she is not walking/tromping around the house, she is sitting on one of the steps leading to the upstairs of the house… she does not move and the staircase is rather steep, so we have all tripped over her at one time or another, which is quite dangerous.

Photo submitted by: Sarah