Scary Black and White Cats

My Typing Slave and I have been doing this thing at her blog lately where I take one of her lame human author friends’ books and fix it with proper obeisance to cats. I call it a cattification. Anyway, as we were working on an improved cover, we happened to notice some similarities in a few of the black and white cats in my Gallery. To wit:


Bundles is a meankitty


And Bogart, aka Bogie

Bogie is a meankitty

And Baggy

Baggy is a meankitty

And Skittles (NOT the same cat as Baggy)

Skittles is scary

And Sir Oliver

Sir Oliver is annoyed with you

And Flash

Flash is mad

And Hunter

Hunter is a meankitty

Don’t know what it is about those black and whine felines, but they are AWESOME, aren’t they? If you have a feline in a similar pose, or even a nice pose that happens right before the attack, you should probably submit it to the Gallery, you know.




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