Gallery: Cosmo

Name: Cosmo
Location: Dog Obedience School, MI

Cosmo is a meankitty
Come on, fight back, ya sissy cat!

What makes Cosmo so mean?

Poor Cosmo was thrown out of a car by his past owners, so I suspect that his psychosis is in part due to his abuse. However, we adopted him at 6 weeks old, and he has been shown nothing but love ever since. This does not deter him from being a mean kitty – he constantly torments his sister Haley, who is could easily put him in his place but her loving nature tells her not to. He refuses to let her play with any of her toys, and he especially likes biting her and any human that comes in his way. At times, Cosmo1 is loving and just wants to sit near you and purr, but then this gleam of light shines in his eyes and you know he is turning into Cosmo2.

Cosmo hates dogs
Come on, pee on the carpet, ya sissy dog!

He also hates dogs, particularly ones that look like rats.

Submitted by: Marie & Family