Gallery: Jerry (2)

Name: Jerry (2)
Location: Berwyn, PA

Jerry was a meankitty
Look at the mouth breather! Come closer so I can check your blood type.

What makes Jerry so mean?

This is my mom’s precious cat Jerry. He was rescued from a barn 9 years ago where over 100 cats live. He had to fight for food and water. His mom didn’t give him enough attention and his litter mates were mean to him. He has a heart murmur which causes him to be a mouth breather. His one tear duct is clogged so it usually looks like he’s been crying.

Feel sorry for him? Well DON’T!! This cat is evil, pure evil. My mom makes up excuses for his crazy irrational behavior constantly. hen it rains, he is upset because he can’t go out without getting wet. He gets so upset that he attacks whoever’s legs/feet/hands/skirt/pants are closest, with his giant sharp claws out. He hangs on while you scream and try to get him to let go, all the while with this stupid look on his face. Then he gets coddled instead of punished. “Awww, he didn’t mean it, it’s because he had a bad childhood.” Whatever!

Jerry was a meankitty
A meankitty until the very end…

Alas, this blue eyed all white beauty is even mean to mom. She is always appearing with band aids on her hands, arms, legs and even her face! One time he got so mad he reached up and knocked her glasses off her face and left a big scratch on the side of her head. Isn’t that cute?!?

ETA: Although Jerry did mellow with age, this only made him unpredictable, and therefore more scary to those who still hadn’t learned. Jerry passed away on 9/8/08, but just the week before he scratched a toddler and made him cry.

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