Gallery: Wally Moto

Name: Wally Moto
Location: Texas

Wally is mean
This is me at 3 days, after clawing through the siding. Man, that was hard work.

What makes Wally so mean?

My name is Wally Moto and I am the meanest kitty in the State/Republic of Texas. When I was two days old my Biological Mom dropped me between the walls of my Dad’s shop (something about my constant whining). I meowed for a day and a half until my dad heard me and removed the siding from the outside of the building. Yeah, that siding and insulation would have been history if I’d stayed in there any longer. He dubbed me Wally and mom added the Moto because she said I looked Siamese.

He SHOULD have pulled me out sooner–I’ve been retaliating ever since. My favorite target is my slave Mom. I let her know in no uncertain terms where she may go in the house and yard. She sure looks silly with all those band-aids on her legs and arms. If Dad catches me, he makes me leave Mom alone. I usually just freeze on her leg and hope he won’t notice me.

Wallly is mean
This is me laughing at Mom running from the possibly rabid chipmunk I loosed in her vicinity.

I demand daily treats and yowl constantly (when I’m not hissing). I take daily inventory of the house, garage, and yard to see if anything has changed. When I’m patrolling Dad calls me the “Little General”. I love to shower daily affection on my dad. He rules! I let my Mom hold me for a few minutes each morning–I HAVE to do this because she buys my food, feeds me, opens the door when I want in or out, de-fleas me, takes me to the vet, pays my vet bills and defends me when Dad says I’m worthless. So I figure I can tolerate fifteen minutes a week from her. Besides, she trainable.

I enjoy killing birds, mice/rats, and lizards. I leave them on the back step so Dad can see them and Mom can dispose of them. I attack dogs if they come in the front yard, cats if they even look in my yard, and the mailman and I have had a few rounds. At just under twenty pounds, it’s my way or blood will be let. Go ahead and squirt me with the water hose–I love water.

Wally is mean
This is me about to pounce Mom's face. That camera is NO protection!

Mom wrote this ballad for me when she realized my biological Mom dropped me down the wall on purpose. If you hum “Pretty Fly for a White Guy” in your head, you’ll be able to sing the ballad.

The Ballad of Wally Moto

My name is Wally Moto and I’m a little cat!
My mama she was Siamese and my daddy he was black.
I am an evil kitty,
I have been since my spawn.
My mama didn’t want me so she dropped me down the wall!
But I don’t look back,
I’m a cat.
I like to claw and I like to scratch.
I don’t look back,
I’m just a cat.
I like to paw and I like to claw.

Photo submitted by: Wally’s humans



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