Gallery: Zeus

Name: Zeus
Location: Pennsylvania

Zeus is a meankitty
I'm raising my paw here. Pay attention. Bring me some chips and a warm milk, woman!

What makes Zeus so mean?

As you can tell by his name, he is convinced he rules the universe and the rest of us are mere peasants put here to do his will. When he wants something, he will follow me, meow and trip me until I give in to his every whit and whim. These Japanese Bobtails have attitude!

I can forget ever being allowed to eat my own food; Zeus must have his share first and then, and only then, if he has had enough, I can finish his scraps on the plate. There is no hesitation on his part to force his head into my bowl of cereal or ice cream, and if he hears a potato chip bag crackle, I am guaranteed to have to hand them over.

Zeus is also a snob; he hates strangers and since he considers everyone strange, no company is welcome here. If a visitor dares to try and pet him, he will draw first blood.

Zeus is mean
Yesssss, your tribute pleases me, human worshipper.

When I took him to the vet he was so bad they were afraid to handle him. The woman in charge insisted on going to their basement and getting a box; she then taped, yes taped, him in it with several yards of medical tape, leaving just a few air holes before they would return him to me. They said they could not even touch him in the cage to do tests and neutering without sedating him first.

We are in Punxsutawney, Pa. Zeus’s next goal is to hunt that danged groundhog!

Submitted by: Verleen


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