Gallery: Widget

Name: Widget
Location: Freeport, IL

Widget is a meankitty
And I could rule the world, too, if it weren't for you meddling humans.

What makes Widget so mean?

Widget looks pretty and has very soft fur. Don’t let it deceive you. She is an extremely territorial witch to my 2 other kitties. She has never adjusted to life with other cats after her life as a stray. She mercilessly pursues them into hiding places to instigate. One cat screams upon seeing her, and another lies down and curls herself into a ball, knowing she can’t beat Widget’s mean butt.

Widget isn’t just being defensive, but OFFENSIVE as she growls, hisses, jumps on them and proceeds to try and shred their skin. My other cats have become terrified of her. I see them creeping around furniture, fearful of her ambushing them. Our eldest cat, Princess, has become so afraid she will growl and hiss at anything that comes near her after a confrontation with Widget.

Widget is such a nasty housemate to the others that we have had to do a “kitty exchange” and keep her in a bedroom 12 hours a day, while our other cats roam free, and let her out alone to be the night cat, while they stay separated.

Widget has totally massacred our carpet at the bedroom doors because she is trying (in vain) to get out of her confinement. We keep everything she needs in there and still give her attention as our night cat…honestly, I think her intent is to rule the WORLD!

Submitted by: Nancy


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