Marley (2)

Name: Marley (2)
Location: Melbourne, AU

marley AU

What makes Marley so mean?

Marley came to live with us when he was a tiny ginger beige kitten. Now he is not tiny. He is mean because he

– Ruthlessy stalks and attacks Harry, who is 4 times bigger (Norwegians are one of the biggest breed of cats) and makes Harry cry.
– He plays violent games in his cat scratching post tunnel ( we call it Ultraviolence) where he likes to be patted whilst he is savaging your hands and drawing blood.
– Insisits on being carried around LIKE A BIG BABY until he is in the TUNNEL OF DEATH and then purrs hysterically whilst mutilating any of your available body parts (while you are patting him).
– will only use the cat box to go to the loo, he runs in from outside to go in the catbox.
-lets you know when one of his toys is under a couch/divan etc. and then waits for you to retrieve it and then ignores you.
-wakes me up half an hour before my 5.50 am alarm goes off EVERY DAY
-steals paper money if it is left lying around, my daughter was wondering what happened to 20 bucks for a whole week, when I saw him run off with a 10 dollar note!! Sure enough, the 20 from the week before was under a couch!! CAT BURGLER!!!!!!
-has sharp fangs and knows how to use them
-knocks over drinks on the coffee table at random
-looks extremely cute and innocent, which is mind games!!!
Beautiful, Naughty Orange Kitteh!!!!

Photo submitted by: Jemima and Veronica