Name: Margourette (Margie)
Location: Unknown

margie kitty
When the hero of PRODIGAL by JW was in jail (long story), he heard a huge fight in the middle of the night, too!

What makes Margie so mean?

Well Margie is very mean. She doesn’t like anyone but me but she even turns on me at times.

Margourette is an inside kitty. She hates all cats. There is another mean kitty that lives in my neighborhood that constantly teases Margie through her favorite window. In the middle of the night I will wake up to screaming cat fights. Although they can’t technically ‘fight’ because there is a window between them, they sure as heck act like they are in a full blown cat war with each other.

One morning, while half asleep, I went to close the blinds. Margie was still on the window sill in a frenzy. The blinds had barely bumped her booty when she jumped directly on my arm and tore it to pieces! I actually almost fainted. Where she bit down on my wrist she did serious internal damage and I could barely close my hand to make a fist for weeks.

margiedamagesPhoto submitted by: Erin S.