Name: A Patche’
Location: Texas

patcheWhat makes Patche’ so mean?

She rushed up to me in the parking lot one Sept. morning as I was leaving work. Loudly she told me she was my new cat & hurry up, ‘cos she needed to eat “NOW!!!”

After over 3 years, I have learned how to be an obedient slave. I now respond with utter deference & speed to that certain glance at the framed photos on the shelf with her favorite chasing toy. I know that special tail twitch means I need to get in gear & PAY ATTENTION or the glassware WILL suffer! I am ready with her choice of food every morning & at 2 hour intervals throughout the day & night. I recognize the head position allowing me the pleasure of scratching her perfect head. I have the scars to prove I was a slow learner on that one.

But she makes me laugh every day! Who else can do that?

Photo submitted by: Lois