Elvis (2)

Name: Elvis (2)
Location: New Hampshire

Elvis is in New Hampshire

What makes Elvis so mean?

This is Elvis, my sweet-natured Fluff-Daddy. He is affectionate, friendly and loves to snuggle. He loves people and his feline sisters. Why is he a meankitty? You’ll need to ask Ozzie, my dwarf dutch bunny. Elvis is under the impression that Ozzie is a kitten. He tries very hard to engage Ozzie in kitty-play by straddling him and trying to flip him over onto his back, all the while biting and digging his claws into Ozzie’s little face and ears. Elvis is also under the impression that while I’m sleeping, my bare forearm is a kitten, as are my stocking feet. Elvis is also a meankitty because he steals my cat Tinky’s favorite catbed – shaped like an alligator. Tinky was the “baby” until Elvis weaseled his way into the household.

Super flying meankitty but not Elvis

If Elvis is awake, nothing else exists. I can’t do any of my hobbies like needlepoint or scrapbooking because he steals all my stuff and chews it up.

In the blurred photo you will see Elvis in the lower right side watching a black streak leap across the room. The black streak is Ozzie.

Photo submitted by: Shannon