Lucy (3)

Name: Lucy (3)
Location: Levering, MI


What makes Lucy so mean?

Lucy is about 11 years old and has been grumpy since the day we got her. Why is she a mean cat? That question probably could be answered with the fact that she is and always has been a full blown princess. Our family got her when I was about 7. Her very first act of meanness was when she got her claw stuck in my eye when I was playing with her. Since then she has dominated the household.

She had a best friend named Bo-bo who passed away. Shortly after get received a new kitty and named him Petey. Lucy likes to boss Petey around. Whenever he comes close to her, she swats him on the head.

Lucy has a tendency to be nice to you only if you give her food. She has swatted my friends and myself in the face with full claws before. The only human being Lucy is completely in love with is my mom. And that will remain this way for the rest of her life. She is the ruler of the roost and even has a jeweled yellow collar to show her dominance. She’s a loving cat only when you don’t touch the tip of her tail. If you do, good luck!

Photo submitted by: Caitie