Letters: Duct Taping

Dear Meankitty,

I really am appalled at some the responses in written form by you, or whomever, and will be sending this web address for monitoring to the Humane Society immediately. This site does not promote awareness in any form, and is as bad as any porno site on the web.

My advise to you, is to never own a cat, or communicate your foul sense of humor publicly without seeking Therapy for yourself. Before you give advise such as “duck taping” a cat to another.

Name Also Withheld to Protect the Humorless

PS Pls remove me from your listing for future newsletters as well. Thank you.


Dear Humorless,

Duck taping: is that something on World’s Funniest Animals home video show?? We, of course, prefer cat taping, unless it’s dog taping and the dog is getting chased by the mailman or something.

Have a nice day!



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