Adair aka Alstair

Name: Adair formerly known as Alstair
Location: Adso’s house

Alister is a Meankitty
Loooook at this fuzzily cute face! Don’t you want to quit being mad about that whole ‘you nearly broke your neck falling down the stairs’ thing?

What makes Alstair so mean? (Yes we know the post says “Adair”…keep reading!)

Alstair is a M.K.I.T {Mean Kitty In Training} under his Yoda like mentor Adso. He adopted the sucker, er, me 1 day before Samhain at my new house. He used the “I’m so defenseless” strategy to attract my attention, which was easy because apparently the ‘sucker’ tattoo on my forehead was glowing like a candle in a Jack o’ lantern!

Alister the Meankitty
No, no, not the harness!

Adso promptly clued Alstair into all sorts of nifty stuff once we took him in. Things like:

* looking “adorable” then pouncing on the unsuspecting hand
* the art of AKB {aerial kitty bombardment} into the human bed late at night
* attacking thru the railing on the upstairs breezeway
* stair run-by/trip the human.

In other words, all kinds of wonderful things. But I have to admit, when he is “adorable” and “fuzzily cute” on the outside it’s his best tactic to bend the household to his will with his newly discovered and untapped Meankitty potential.

Alister is actually Adair
I am looking for tips on how to punish humans who dare put a harness on me and think I’m a dude. Don’t turn it off yet!

Update: “Alstair” is actually known as “Adair” now because he turned out to be a SHE. Those silly humans and their gender issues!

Photo submitted by: Karrin