Gallery: Omar

Name: Omar
Location: Unknown

Omar is a meankitty
*I* am the king of the castle…get down, you dirty rascal.

What makes Omar so mean?

This picture was taken about two seconds before Omar had enough of photo time and attacked the camera, subsequently wrapping his claws around my head in fury. See, Omar is a very temperamental cat, and not just when he is being photographed.

We had him shipped in from Texas because my mother wanted a Turkish Angora. She even gave him a Turkish name, Omar. Well, at least she told us it was Turkish.

Anyway, Omar is the king of the castle. He weighs as much as a large turkey, and god forbid you cut back on his food, the incessant meowing and howling will drive you to drink. And then, the howls only get louder.

We can’t clip his nails and have not been able to in about 3 years. Even with two people restraining him there is blood drawn, and it’s never his. I have no idea how he keeps them from getting too bad, probably by sharpening them on the bones of kitties he has met in a dark alley.

I used to work at a pet groomer’s and when he was brought in for a bath, they asked me not to bring him back. We now have to take him to the vet when he needs cleaning so they can tranquilize him and do it there. He has been asked not to return to a few vets as well.

Omar is also on Prozac, but this does not seem to help besides keeping him from peeing on my mom’s favorite carpet. This is a small consolation for her. She no longer calls him Omar, just “cat,” and has on more than one occasion said “We should have picked the orange kitten.”

There is no chance of seeing him interact with another cat because I would not want to see a dead cat. I can’t even bring friends over because he hisses at the sight of them.

Submitted by: Jill

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